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You will find insights from people working in various positions througout Bayview Asset Management, LLC. Though representing diverse backgrounds, each shares a common trait - the desire to work in a fast-paced, entreprenuerial, and challenging environment.

Our People

Read about Bayview employees and their experiences.

Richard Jolis, Vice President Default Supervisors

I joined Bayview in October of 2000 when there were fewer than 350 people. The work environment is pleasant; despite the exponential growth we have experienced. Fortunately it hasn't become bureaucratized and the work remains extremely interesting. Working here has allowed me to grow in a variety of areas from licensing and commercial lending to marketing and data security. I never know what new thing I'm going to be involved with, it's constantly evolving. From a leadership point of view, you have a feeling that management cares about employees. They value you as a resource and find ways of placing people in the right place. Making sure they are a right fit.


Jay Dotson, Employee Relations Director

I joined Bayview in March of 2004, recruited by a colleague. The things that attracted me to Bayview were the opportunity for advancement and the work-life balance. That last point is very important to point out because it's not prevalent in today's business environment. It's not written but there is an understanding here that you have the right to take time off for personal things; however it's understood that you will make that time up either before or after. There are no questions, it's just understood and people respect that. It's not something they abuse. I think people realize that it's a huge benefit. There is no other company like Bayview that can compete with its corporate culture. I like the business and the people. I have a lot of exposure to upper management and like the opportunities that affords me. If there is one thing that can best define Bayview is execution, we can move on a dime. Identifying opportunities and acting upon them quickly and resolutely. It's been challenging yet I have learned a lot about the industry and how the business is run which I probably wouldn't have achieved in a similar position elsewhere. When I compare it to other companies that I have worked for, it's light years ahead, others were highly politicized. Bayview provides the necessary support to achieve things. In addition there's simply not as much bureaucracy here.


Dayle Rosen, Senior Vice President - Loan Administration

I've been with the company for 10 years. I came to Bayview for the opportunity to work in servicing. Since then its been nothing but exciting. Every day is a new challenge, every day I get to do something different. In addition, the people make a real difference too. I enjoy working here for a variety of reasons, among them are how the company takes care of its people, they really care about them. You can see it in the employee events and the many ways it tries to pull everybody together. The company cares about what people think and how they feel. I had the opportunity to join the company when there were only 50 people; therefore I have been able to get involved in so many aspects and learn so much. I interact with many departments on a slew of issues. I love the challenge of something new. Other companies simply aren't as dynamic; they simply don't have the drive or desire to expand like Bayview has.


Marvin Williams, Senior Vice President - Corporate

I audited Bayview for seven years prior to working here so I was very familiar with the company and really liked the people and the environment. I respected the way they conducted business and was interested in joining them to take advantage of the growth opportunities available. I like the challenge, I have the opportunity to work with top management and be involved with high level strategy. I love the opportunity of participating in projects that will bring about major change. Working at Bayview has far exceeded my expectations, I've been extremely lucky to grow up within the organization and have had multiple opportunities to work on important projects. The work has challenged me and afforded me the opportunity to grow as a professional and a person. Being here has developed my technical skills in accounting and treasury to a point that I would simply have not had the opportunity elsewhere. Bayview is a fun place to work, it's always evolving and it's very fast paced. But they also strive to have a good work/life balance. The attitude here is low key, what I mean by that is there aren't any egos. The focus is on getting the work done, resolving conflict and looking for solutions and that's very refreshing.


Stephen Hill, Director of Marketing & Communications

I was interested in working at Bayview because I liked their entrepreneurial style. I could appreciate that there was a lot of room to grow and make your mark. Especially from a development point of view, a lot of things simply didn't exist. So you were starting from scratch. Working here has been a lot of fun because you get to interact with a lot of great professionals. The business has the ability to attract quality people from whom you can learn. The culture is vibrant and constantly evolving. I've worked in high growth companies before but never at the pace and with the ability to make an impact as I have experienced at Bayview. Most companies are not set up for change; Bayview on the other hand is all about evolution.


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